The conference will focus on three key areas which we believe to be paramount in modern evidence-based FLL research:

  1. multilingualism in society and education;
  2. the use of digital tools in FLL;
  3. the brain-language interface (cognitive processes and language learning strategies).

We will approach these topics in an interdisciplinary manner, bringing together foreign language researchers, educational psychologists and second language acquisition/multilingualism specialists. The organizers have put together a line-up of renowned keynote speakers who are best-in-field experts with respect to at least one of these topics. Participants are encouraged to submit research which relates to one of these areas, which will be grouped as thematic workshops. However, research on other topics can also be presented: teaching and learning methods, teacher education, diagnostic processes, etc.

Plenary Speakers

Ludwig, Peter H. (Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Univ. Kaiserslautern-Landau) The quality of learning strategy use in foreign language classes. Video-based measurement of trace data in cooperative learning environments
Poarch, Greg (Univ. of Groningen) Multilingualism and cognition - implications for education
Meyer, Martin (Univ. Zürich) Beyond Broca and Wernicke – new insights about the brain-language relationship
Römer, Ute (Georgia State Univ.)

Usage-based SLA research and its relevance for FL pedagogy: What can learner corpora tell us?

Stern, Elsbeth (ETH Zurich)

Intelligence and learning aptitude